Makeup 101 – My 12 essential makeup brushes

When I did some cleaning to my makeup brushes the other day I realized that I owned quite a lot of brushes. Despite that, I did not use all the brushes. Makeup brushes is one of the essential tools for makeup application and yet it is another HUGE task to find the RIGHT makeup brushes to … Continue Reading

Birthday Haul : Sephora Private Sale (20% off) from 3rd – 7th May 2017

The Month of MAY has always been my favorite month. Because its my Birthday Month. May has always make me feel extra special because I would get extra discounts on certain items, certain places, free tickets for movies and extra benefit and, if I got lucky, might get treated like a Princess or Madame.. If I … Continue Reading

Review: Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick

“A Lasting color clarity. Lip-cushioning gel comfort.  Finally, a long-wear lipstick your lips can love”. Mary Kay is not that Alien in market. Some of their skin care products are nominees and also won Beauty Award. When this lipsticks was first launched few months ago, it created big hype among beauty bloggers and beauty junkies. … Continue Reading

Review: Maybelline Duo – Hyperink and The Falsies Push Up Drama

These DUO definitely has created so much drama in my searching to find the “ULTIMATE” eyeliner and mascara.  As you all aware, my searching to find my absolute favorite eyeliner and mascara is never ending. I came across these DUO i.e. Maybelline Hyper ink and Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama few weeks ago and these two … Continue Reading

Review: Zoeva and its 13 shades of Rose Golden Pallete

I’ve been looking for  a pallete that is perfect and full with splashes of Rose Golden hues. I tried many palletes in the market and couldn’t find The One. I’ve been searching high and low until encountered these two palletes’ by Zoeva:- a) Rose Golden Eyeshadow pallete, and b) Rose Golden Blush Pallete Before I … Continue Reading

Review: Ellefar Nose Highlighter by Daiso

Another favorite place for me to wander around and explore its beauty trinkets is DAISO. I love Daiso. Daiso bring all their products with innovations all the way from Japan. Its so cheap and Everything in this store cost at MYR5.90. Just name anything and you may find what you want. From the kitchen utensil, … Continue Reading