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I encountered this Traditional Sam Fong Hoi Tong pressed powder in white at Mr. DIY recently and out of sudden the old memories came to me. I remembered those days when I came back to my dad’s hometown, I saw that my late grandma use this powder when she gets ready. I realized that this powder was quite popular those days. Considering this makeup brand those days are quite limited and this powder is considered as one of the most affordable option, hence this powder is quite well known back then. Its to achieve flawless finish and would mattifying the face to last whole day. When I was small, I remembered that I covered my whole face and body with this powder until all my face get white – like Chinese Opera.

The vintage Sam Fong powder advertisement - Owh I am amaze... Source: Singapore Vintage Makeup
The vintage Sam Fong powder advertisement – Owh I am amaze… Source: Singapore Vintage Makeup

About Samfong Hoi Tong Pressed powder

This is a pressed powder in white, compressed like a cube and is stored in a air tight container. It has soft and velvety feeling to it when I glide my fingers on. It looks very fine. As far as I remember with its texture, I believe those days the texture are more fine, soft and white. This powder was manufactured by Sam Fong Cosmetic Co. Ltd, Hong Kong.

Sam Fong Cosmetic Co Ltd is a reliable HK Foundation Makeup Manufacturer and trustable Hong Kong company at hktdc.com. Contact Sam Fong Cosmetic Co Ltd.


Apparently there are two variations for this powder, one originally from Hong Kong and another one from Indonesia/Malaysia import with English translated. From my research online, the original version is from Hong Kong and there is no “MAL” and English translated at the back of the packaging. So you need to be careful when you purchase this powder as although this product is extremely cheap, there are lot of variation of imitation too.

Read more at http://blog.lemonshortbread.com/2008/03/sam-fong-powder.html

– Ingredients from Hong Kong manufacturer: Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Fragrance (I extracted this info from the mentioned blog too caused I cant translate the pin yin.
Back side of the packaging
Back side of the packaging

Tried and Tested: Samfong Powder for Baking

As baking technique is quite overwhelm these days, I decided to give this powder a good use.  As my baking ingredient and see if it works. I used my Bourjois concealer as a base and used my powder puff to pick the product up and pat generously under my eyes area up until at temple. This would brighten up under eyes area and the intention is to set the concealer.

The Sam Fong pressed powder in white
The Sam Fong pressed powder in white

The journey was quite an adventure as I was quite scared at first with how white the powder is. While waiting for it to set and bake, I do my eyes as I usually need approximately 10- 15 mnutes to have my eyes done. After finish with my eyes, I dusk off the excess with my Matte Pressed powder by Catrice and suprisingly it does not leave any white residue. The powder sets beautifully into the skin and no cakey feeling to it. This powder act more like a translucent powder to me.

I recorded my journey applying these powder for baking and how I apply my everyday makeup. This is my first time ever creating such video and I use Quik Apps to do the video editing. I admit the editing is not that great and I need to learn more create more amazing videos. Poor lighting as I use my study light for this.

After I tried this powder for baking twice and I am quite amaze with the result and below is my verdict:-

  1. Although this powder looks white, but once I dusk off the excess and is set, it will mattify the whole look and let the powder sit. This will last for entire day.
  2. This powder act more like a translucent powder to me. No white residue and no grey-ish looks.
  3. I use this powder to highlight my inner corner of my eyes and my brow bone too.
  4. The texture is amazingly light and no cakey feeling. Unlike my other mineral powder that can be quite heavy and the colour would turn darker after baking.
  5. I am quite surprise that my under eyes and nose area is less shiny as compared to other part of my face.
  6. Retail at MYR1.70 at Mr. DIY – OMG this is my greatest find eva!!! soo cheap!!
This picture was taken after two hours since I completed my makeup look. Look at my forehead - its shiny and no shine at my nose and undereyes area. wow!
This picture was taken after two hours since I completed my makeup look. Look at my forehead – its shiny and no shine at my nose and undereyes area. wow!

I understand now why my late grandma love to use this powder so much. Will you give this powder a try? Do let me know in the comment section down below. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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