Review: Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Cream

“When your face is full of dark clouds. Are you worried about Blemishes? Freckles? if you answer yes, your solution is Cloud 9!!” That is the “Tagline” for Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Cream¬†. The rave for this product were so real and I was of the gurl that was so curious about this product. Thank … Continue Reading

Review: Nano White Refining Treatment Toner

Applying Toner after facial wash is one of important step in facial care routine. I used to skip this step few years ago until I realised that Toner is also as important as Facial Wash, Serum, Eye Serum, Moisturiser and Sunscreen. There are plenty beauty brands out there that produce their own version of toner. … Continue Reading

Review: Biore UV Sunscreen SPF 50+

It is important to protect your skin from the harm sun ray. I tends to skip this step until I realised how it has affect my skin. Pigmentation and uneven skin tone, that is what I am used to have and there is none product that is able to give me the same skin complexion … Continue Reading

Review: Favorite Sanitary Pad

As a women, we need to take extra care of our body, especially during our monthly menstrual period. That is the time when our body are at the most vulnerable stage and require extra care, hygiene and protection. After all we only have ONE Vagina to take care of. There are plenty Sanitary Pad brand … Continue Reading