Pink N’ Proper new launches SIGNATURE “A Batik Story” Collection

As a Malaysian whom is always proud of my heritage line and tradition, there is nothing that would make me proud more when Pink N’ Proper, Malaysian Online Swimwear platform recently launched their newly in-house bikini Signature Collection, called A Batik Story. Each of the designs were specially curated with one intention in mind – … Continue Reading

My response to Ms. Shaf, the Pinkboxcereal Founder – “Nasi Lemak Bungkus” drama?

First of all, I don’t know how to start. Well, when I woke up on Sunday Morning (18 June 2017) I received so many “likes” on my Facebook page and I was quite shocked and figure if did I pay for the Facebook Ad-sense by accident (which I never purchase one) until I get … Continue Reading

Four essential items to make you feel like a Mermaid everyday

Mermaid, a Mystical creature in the sea that full with mystery and hidden secret. To be like one you don’t necessarily need heavy makeup, fake mermaid tail and stay in the sea. Now you can have the mermaid vibe everyday. Below, I listed few items that you can get online and wear them for everyday looks … Continue Reading