When Fenty Beauty hit Malaysian Shore at Sephora KLCC  last Friday; 08th September 2017, it was a blast!!! Its a long awaited cosmetic line by my favourite singer; Rihanna. As a beauty junkie myself, I seriously cant ignore my inner gut to indulge myself with this line. Of course, there were none – NONE reviews made from any sources prior to the launch. Rihanna want to ensure the OFFICIAL LAUNCH is made BIG and she DID BIG!!! When this line was initially made online same day at 3pm, I chosen to bought the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter DUO in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule and the one and only lip product; Universal Lip Luminizer – Gloss Bomb.

I was not ready to buy the foundation online as I was not sure how find the RIGHT shade as this line has 40 foundation SHADES!!! That is a WIDE range of colours to cater for all skin types and undertones. Thank god for my initial purchase online, I was able to chose DELUXE SIZE Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and I’ve chosen the shade for medium range #220. After I obtained the package yesterday, I swatches the foundation at the back of my hand and noticed right away that the shade is bit lighter for my tone as it turned grey-ish after awhile. Once it set, surprisingly it turned dull and darker too. However, based on this initial swatches, I noticed that this foundation is a lightweight, thin in textures and smooth in application.

The list of products from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna - My recent HAUL
The list of products from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – My recent HAUL

I can feel that the struggles is real. My heart wanted to find the right shade for my foundation. I just cant wait. After I saw couple of reviews on YOUTUBE on how good the foundation is, I decided to purchased mine at the store. Funny enough finding the right shade is actually quite a challenge for me. Despite that there are 40 shades choose from, I still require sometimes to find the match tone for me. Too light can make my skin turn grey-ish and too deep can make my skin look dull and darker. I do not want to buy the wrong shade because the foundation is not that cheap tho. I do not want to unnecessarily spent for the shade that I cant wear. After the struggles and with the assistance of Beauty Advisor at Sephora Store, I managed to grab my foundation in the shade #250. This is a Warm Medium tone with Peachy undertone. Besides foundation, I also grab the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer and Match Stix Trio in MEDIUM.

Pro Filt'r Primer and Matte Foundation in shade #250 and #220
Pro Filt’r Primer and Matte Foundation in shade #250 and #220

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer (RM140)

This morning I started my makeup routine considering if I should give this product a try. I picked the Primer up and try it for the first time. I noticed right away that the textures is quite thick but once it absorbs into the skin, it just leave a smooth and moisturized skin. This primer would helps to stick the foundation better considering the foundation is a matte finish and can be quite drying for those with Dry Skin type. To be honest, I always has been loving those Primer that has a moisturiser textures as I am never a fan of silicony feel textures for primer. However, Does it help to cover up my pores? – not really. Does it makes my foundation application smooth? – YES. Does it makes my foundation last long? – not really. Do I like this PRIMER? Yes and I definitely wanna give this product more trial!

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (RM145) – shade #250

I wear the foundation that matches with my skin tone (#250) this morning over the Primer and I can see that the coverage is medium to full and is build-able and I am able to layer my foundation without looking too cakey. The tone just MATCHED my neck area however once it settled, it has a bit of peachy tone as compared to my decolletage area. I find this foundation very interesting because once it set, it dry matte and funny enough I do not have to apply any powder to set it. This foundation has velvety finishes once it set too. I can feel that the foundation once it set and dry, it will melted into skin and act like part of our skin. I feel I was not wearing any makeup. However, over time I can still see the pigmentation and scarring on my skin. This foundation does not cover my scar and pigmentation entirely.

Pro Filt'r Primer and Matte Foundation in shade #250 and #220
The Match Stix Trio in Medium shade

Match Stix Trio in MEDIUM. – (RM230)

I have tried the TRIO Match Stix that comes in three shade i.e. Concealer stick in Bamboo, Contour stick in Mocha and Cream highlighter in Trippin. When I swatches in store, I kinda like the texture as I can see that the pigmentation is the BOMB. Besides it was light weight and once it set, it has powdery finish. Bamboo is a matte concealer stick. The shade is lighter than my actual skin shade. Mocha is a matte contour stick with warm undertone. I kinda like the shade and I can feel that the shade would match perfectly to my skin tone. Trippin is a cream highlighter with ROSE GOLD vibe to it. I love the shade but its quite subtle and not as beaming as I expected.

Match Stix Matte Skinstick – Bamboo (individually is retail at RM105)

When I tried this morning, I realised that this match stick textures is not advisable to apply directly from the stick to the face. The product would moves my foundation away and I hate it. The concealer stick texture a bit streaky to my liking and I hate it as it exaggerate my wrinkles lines. It is best to warm up the product first before apply it to the skin. Furthermore it does not conceal and cover my eye bag as much as my other concealer do.

Match Stix Matte Skinstick – Mocha (individually is retail at RM105)

Using brush to apply the contour stick is the best method to apply this product. To be honest I experienced a bit of struggle to blend this product at first. The more I blend, the more I noticed the product moves and disappear. Maybe its just me but I can feel that the product did not last long too. After 6 hours, the product is completely disappear and I cant see my contour anymore. Maybe I need to put more product to make sure the product stay put for entire day.

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick – Trippin (individually is retail at RM105)

As I was applying Trippin at my higher cheek for a highlight with brush, I actually was expecting the shade to be more intense and beaming. Considering that this is a cream highlight, the colour should be more intense right? However, it does not do much for me. Applying with fingers for this shimmer stick is the best. The shimmer Rose Gold tone is more subtle and because of its creme texture, I prefer to use it as a base to my eyelid prior pop the Ginger Binge to my eyelid.

The Killawatt Freestyle DUO in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule and Killawatt Freestyle in Trophy Wife
The Killawatt Freestyle DUO in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule and Killawatt Freestyle in Trophy Wife

Killawatt Freestyle Highligher DUO – Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule (RM145) 

I chosen this shade because 1. the colour is intense 2. Its coral red shades so I can use both as a blusher and illuminizer for my cheek. Since that I am all about Coral shade as well, I intended to use this DUO as a eyeshadow as well. The swatches from this DUO is amazing!! I love the swatches and its beaming to my eyes and for me this shade is more attractive as compared to other four shades.

When I apply the Killawatt DUO on my high cheek this morning, the shades were absolutely amazing and beaming. I love it as an illuminizer as its instantly makes my cheeckbone glowing. I feel like goddess. However, I realised that the colour did not stay put for long and I can say that the glowing and beaming slowly sparse and disappear!! Dude, especially at this warm weather, its quite hard to keep it stay on its own!!!

Killawatt Freestyle in Trophy Wife (RM145)

When I got back home, I reapplied the Killawatt Freestyler in Trophy Wife together with the Killawatt DUO and I can see that they both are so match-y together. Killawatt Freestyle in Trophy Wife is a YELLOW GOLD highlighter shade that should be able to suites all skin tones. When I first saw the swatches of this Trophy Wife, I totally DIE!! ONE swatch, JUST ONE and I just feel all the  golds are mineeee!!!  I definitely feel more GOLD with its beaming yellow gold tone, but again over time this highlighter just do not want to stay. Furthermore, the glitters would moves to other part of my face.  I definitely need to find ways how to ensure this highlighter can stay put on my skin through all the day. I presume by applying with setting spray maybe would do the justice?

The only lip product by this cosmetic line - Gloss Bomb
The only lip product by this cosmetic line – Gloss Bomb

Universal Lip Luminizer – Gloss Bomb

The final but not lease product that I bought from this line is the Universal Lip Gloss that comes in one shade i.e. Gloss Bomb. This lip gloss was created in one shade i.e. Rose Gold to match every skin tone. The texture is quite thick but its not too sticky and gloppy. The product is quite easy to apply as its doe foot applicator is so bulky and fat. When I apply the gloss on my lips, the first thing I noticed is the bubble gum scent that come out from it that is quite strong tho. I still able to smell it despite of my running nose condition. To be honest I am never a fan of lip glosses. When I apply the gloss for the first time, it does makes my lips feel heavy and thick. This lip gloss does not really give me any WOW factor besides of its packaging. Love the packaging tho..


In conclusion, this cosmetic lines is not that bad. I totally love the packaging!!! Sturdy and each and every product type from this line has its own attitude. If you are aware, the Lipgloss container is in Pentagon shape, Match stix skinstick  is in Hexagon and the Killawatt freestyle Highlighter is in Octagon shape container. I wonder what product would derive for Heptagon shape. Maybe its  going to be face powder range?

In terms of product performance I think this product would works best  for those with a lesser skin texture and minimal skin problem. As for me, I have quite numbers of problematic area on my skin (as i am recovering from pimples and breakouts) so I need to explore and try few attempts to ensure the product would works for me. My most favourite product is the foundation as this is the best foundation shade that I ever managed to find that is very close and match to my skin tone. Again, it has been a struggle for me to make the foundation to stay put and able to covers my pigmentation and breakout scars.

My another favourite product is the shimmer skinstick in Trippin because I love the rose gold shade. I can see that the shimmer stick is quite universal too as I can use it as a highlighter and also as a eyeshadow base. In my opinion, because of its creme texture, it would help to stick the eyeshadow better.

My least favourite product will be the Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Bamboo as a concealer because for me it does not do any wonders to my skin. I believe to find the right shade is always best  to buy the product individually but again I do have a problem with the product textures that makes me feel a bit difficult to work with.

What do you think? Do you think I am GOLD yet?
What do you think? Do you think I am GOLD yet?

Other products works great too but as I said earlier, I need to explore more to make these products work for me. So guys, what do you think about this Fenty Beauty Cosmetic Line? Which product will be your next favourite? Trust this write up would assist you to give some heads up on what to expect from this Fenty Beauty line. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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I tried to avoid reading about Fenty but now, you made me wanna get the primer and the highlighters! Hahaha. Thanks for sharing about Fenty dear. You are a Gold Goddess!


Awee.. Thanks a million for dropping by dear!! Indeed the Highlighters are the BOMB!!! the swatches were great!!! I believe you will enjoy it to the max and let us be Trophy Wife Twinsieeee….. 😀 MORE GOLD TO COME!!!


wow babe!! Great review and I think I will purchase the Match Stix Matte Skinstick – Mocha and Universal Lip Luminizer – Gloss Bomb 🙂 hehe


Awwe, Thank a million Babe… As for the Mocha Skinstick, Do try it at Store first and try to blend it.. see if it will melt and stick to your skin… 🙂 As for the Gloss Bomb, its a universal shade and should looks good on you too!!! Happy Fenty Beauty!!! 🙂

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