Beauty Box in Malaysia is not that new in market. I remembered those days when IPSY programme just came out in USA, there were so many beauty box in similar concept came into Malaysian market that come in many names i.e. Cosmobox, The Lilac Box, Bag Of Love and many more.  When I recently saw many viral reviews on ShopPinkBoxCereal, I was too curious about this platform and decided to try their product out.

Apparently, ShopPinkBoxCereal is previously known as Pink Box Cereal and founded by Malaysian Beauty Influencer; Syafiqah Syafie. To be honest, I never heard of this brand before and neither attended to any of their event. I was only got to know about this brand recently.

ShopPinkBoxCereal is a Shopping Online Platform that feature products that curated and selected by the Founder herself. In this website, there are variations of beauty kit boxes selection to be chosen from and their products comes from many brands (local and overseas).

I signed up and ordered my selected the Hermosa Lip Kit that feature the 3 pieces of Hermosa LipCreme Long Wear in three different shades that  looks like this:-

The reason I’ve chosen this kit because the Liquid Lipstick shades selection looks a bit similar to the Breena VelvetCreme Liquid Lipstick that I purchased recently and I would like to make a comparison review on this two. This Kit value of MYR110 is not inclusive Delivery Charges. Hence, I need to top up additional MYR10 for the delivery charges. Hence, my total purchased was MYR120. I ordered my package on Monday (15 May 2017) and received the parcel this morning (17 May 2017). Took about 3 days for delivery which is not bad.

My First Impression:-

When I open my parcel this morning, I was shocked that the Pink Box is covered with a piece of newspaper and the entire box itself is covered with bubble wrap. Despite of the bubble wrap, the box that I received is slightly dented at side. This might due to the courier handling.

About the Box

The box is in Pink Colour (that I love) and is a sturdy box that made with high quality material with magnetic closure. The size is quite decent – almost similar size to Althea box but slightly smaller.

Shredded Newspapers? Seriously?
Shredded Newspapers? Seriously?


Inside the box I was shocked to see that the confetti was made by shredded newspaper. Seriously? newspaper? Are you in tight budget or try to be extra creative here? I just feel that this gestures is not appropriate in addition that this is a Beauty Box concept box and for the price of MYR110 that I paid is quite pricey for such presentation. Dude, I did not sign up for nasi lemak bungkus. 

I compare with other bloggers that did a review on their recent limited edition product collaboration and noticed that the presentation are quite decent and presentable ~ aduhhh Janganlah bias.

Three shades in this HERMOSA LIP KIT
Three shades in this HERMOSA LIP KIT


Beneath all the shredded newspapers aka cheap confetti there are 2 product pamphlets, 1 beauty trick card and 3 pieces of Hermosa Lip Creme in 3 shades and is sealed in ziplock plastic.

There are no information about Hermosa Lipcreme. I don’t know if this is a Malaysian Local Brand?, if yes who is the founder?, how many shades available?, How about the list of product ingredients? and where this product were made from? Apparently there are no further information about this brand in the website too..


I did the swatches on my hand for all the shades. I have yet to try out all the shades on my lips but for my first impression for this post (and based on this initial swatches) I noticed the following:-

  1. The product smells bit fragrancy. However, it is a decent scent and mild.
  2. The texture is a bit rough for first swatch. I can see little bit bumpy  texture on the applicator.
  3. The formulation takes a while to dry completely.
  4. Before it completely dry, I wipe them off my skin and noticed that the shades still stay (like a tint) on my skin.
  5. To do a proper review on this product, do let me know if you are interested and I would compare the colour swatches and its long wearing ability with other liquid lipstick brand.
The product swatches from left; Nude Thrill, Red Revival and Perfect Nude
The product swatches from left; Nude Thrill, Red Revival and Perfect Nude


Based on my first impression above, I think ShopPinkBoxCereal should pay more attention to their box presentation regardless it meant for BLOGGER on their collaboration programme OR for normal customer like me. If there are normal customer out there that receive the same gestures like me, dont you think this is abit unfair and bias? How they are able to raise their voice on this issue? Maybe for some people, this is not major but unfortunately shredded newspaper in my Beauty Box is a NO NO for me.. Please take note and also Please treat your Customer Fairly.

Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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I think everything is ok but the newspaper ruin it all. If want to save at least get magazine paper. Roll eyes…


Thats Y I dont feel HOT with this Beauty Box. Rasa macam Nasi Lemak Bungkus je… 🙁


Love your honest review. I feel you. If they were planning to go green, maybe they should have mentioned it? But then again, it only cost around 0.60myr for a sheet of colored tissue paper. Speaking of being unfair and bias of box presentations, it reminds me of NYX Faceawards Top 30 (MY) unboxing vs. NYX Faceawards (USA, France, Spain, etc..) / NYX (MY) influencers unboxing. sigh..


Hye Serene, Thank you for dropping by and agreeing with me :-). To be honest I have yet to follow the Malaysian’s Faceboxing awards programme. As you mentioned, the Brand might be bias with the unboxing materials for influencers and participants, I can totally understand that. In the end of the day, the participants still need to purchase and buy whole bunch of their product tho.. The main point is – they need buyer…. Its all marketing strategy.. 🙂



This is Shaf, the founder of Shoppinkboxcereal. First of all, thank you for your honest review and thank you so much for purchasing and supporting my small, yet still growing company.

As much as it breaks my heart to see how you describe the packaging as biased and something like “nasi lemak”, you have every right to feel and say whatever you like as a customer and an honest blogger. And I truly appreciate that.

I deeply apologize for your bad experience. But please allow me to explain about my company and the honest truth behind the packaging and also about myself 🙂

My name is Shafiqah Shafie, I quit my flight attendant job just two years ago to pursue something that I have always had a passion for – Beauty. I have been so passionate about skincare since the age of 12, kept reading my mom’s magazines and digested all the beauty secrets from Mariah Carey, Brook Shields etc. from Marie Claire to Elle magazine.
You name it, I’ve tried almost every skincare method out there during my teen years.

So, two years ago, I used every penny I saved and thanks to my supportive husband (who also eventually gave up on his business and savings in order to support my dreams) and enrolled myself in a Beauty School. While I was studying beauty, I also started a Youtube channel and created an Instagram account under the name of Pinkboxcereal. I began my journey by being a content creator and a freelance makeup artist for the first 8 months since quitting my job. I took part time skincare classes at night, re-studied my chemistry textbooks, bugged my doctor friends and did whatever possible way I can to gain as much knowledge and experience in the beauty industry.

Later on, I started conducting beauty workshops which include a proper skincare education. Things turned out fairly well, and my followers and supporters began picking up. Soon, more people loved and wanted to try products that I have tried, they wanted recommendations from me and so on. So that’s when I finally decided to open up Shoppinkboxcereal via Instagram last year in August. But of course, I am not someone big, I am not a celebrity, I am just a person who puts her heart into what she loves. (But i’m sorry about the shredded newspaper thing, I will explain to you in a bit. Sorry I’m a very talkative person hehe sorry again!)

At first, I only wanted to sell the items without any sort of packaging, just wanted to be an agent or a personal shopper. That’s it. But I wanted my followers and my friends to be more motivated to take care of their skin by simply having all the items that I wear packed in a box. Thus, the pink box was created. You see, a lot of my friends and my followers (who weren’t my followers yet at that time before knowing me) weren’t the type of people who are into these beauty stuff, yes, there are quite a majority of Malaysians who aren’t really motivated to take care of their skin or groom themselves, so yes, I initially wanted to cater to these people by creating a cute pink box that will entice them and make them excited to try these beauty products.

So, when I first started Shoppinkboxcereal last year in August, which is about 9 months ago, I used my savings from my beauty workshops to pay to a printing company to create a pink box for me, the first box was not like what you had, it was just a simple pink art card box because I can’t afford to produce the box that I have now back then. So, with that little budget I had to create that pink art card material box, I began my business full on via Instagram only. I did not expect that I would have so much support from girls everywhere, I am so grateful for that and that was the moment my husband gave up his fitness business (he closed down his gym for me) and invested his time and all the money that we had to create a better box and to grow the business together, and hopefully, be the same level as other ecommerce site out there.

We actually launched the new box (the one that you had) and the official website on 1st April 2017. Yes, just 2 months ago. We hired our first staff, Teddy, to handle whatsapp orders in March (before the website and new box launch) and just recently hired another 2 staffs, Kitty and Meow, in May (yes, you ordered during the time we had just hired the new staff) to handle the packaging and orders. We also started to have a proper office / hq / dollhouse in May too. So everything is still improving and growing on our side. And I’m sorry again for the shredded newspaper. No, I was not at all being biased. I do not intend to pack my orders like a nasi lemak bungkus, I do not separate my orders for bloggers and customers. It pains and embarrasses me to say this, but the week that you ordered the items, was the week that my husband (who was just trying his best to find ways to make the packing more eco-friendly because he is a serial recylclist – if that’s even a word. YIKES!) and I thought that shredding newspaper can be something unique and environmental-friendly too. I honestly thought it was going to look live very hipster-ish gitu. But we were wrong. And I am so sorry that you are one of the people who got the nasi lemak bungkus batch. I am so so sorry again. The moment I saw girls uploading photos from that batch (surprisingly, they liked it), I HATED IT! Yes, I hated it as much as you do too. Because you see, when we first pack the products fresh with the newspapers, they don’t at all looked like nasi lemak, they looked soo hipster macam sarang burung like that, but we were too dumb to not realise that the newspapers will eventually look horrible after all the fumbling on the courier end. Some of my friends and bloggers also received the newspaper batch too. Yes, not all bloggers get the nice, pink shredded papers, you may google for blogs with “Pinkboxcereal x Hermosa Limited Edition”. Some of the bloggers posted them with the shredded newspaper, and some were kind enough to replace them with other material. Again, I am so so sorry. That was my worst nightmare. And I hope you will not think that I am trying to be biased or cheapskate cos I will never do that to people who supported my business.

I promise, we will be better. We have improved our packaging and have changed our shredded newspaper back to the original colour paper. It was only that week that we did our failed experiment. I am so sorry again.

Thank you again for writing this blog. I was googling for honest reviews and saw your post. So thank you so much again for posting this or else I will never have the chance to redeem for my honest mistake at that time.

Regarding the postage, RM10, I hope we can grow faster so that we can finally get cheaper rates from the shipping agents 🙁 We aren’t as big as other e-commerce sites just yet to get cheaper rates or contracts for our shipping. I know this is out of your concern, but we even got rejected by payment gateway companies (uhuk uhuk paypal uhuk uhuk ipay88) because we are too small for them. Luckily easypay was nice enough to let us open an ecommerce site with their service 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that it was also tough on our end to make this business happen. So far, the company is now consist of 5 staffs, including me. And we will do the best that we can to make Malaysia proud to have an ecommerce site that even international brands would like to be proud of. And i hope you will continue to support us too <3

p.s. feel free to arrange a date with me. Would like to invite you to my office/hq /dollhouse so that maybe I can do a tour with you and perhaps you can experience our packaging process and meet my whole team too. It'll be fun! xx

If you haven't followed me, you may check out my FB page: Pinkboxcereal and Youtube Pinkboxcereal to know more about me ^_^


Dear Shaf,

Thank you for your honest response and positive feedback towards my review the other day. I feel grateful that my inner voice has been answered. It was never my slight intention to jeopardize your business and I do support them. Its just that, that week must has been a rough week for me and I apologise for calling your box as “Nasi Lemak Bungkus” (i.e. which when I first open it I was shocked that the beautiful pink box was covered with a piece of newspaper tho). Despite that I hate the shredded newspapers, I still arrange the products nicely and post a very nice picture tho. No doubt the box is beautiful, its pink and sturdy with magnetic closure and I love it. After I remove those shredded newspapers (that is ugly), I put my precious mermaid brushes in it. But again, its not only about the box, its everything including the products quality, presentation, product information (which also not in the box) that is also requires attention.

In response to my first impression reviews, I respect that you look into it in positive way and I am glad that you have the intention to improve and work forward to give a better response and services to your customer. I do look forward to see more improvements, more great curated products from PinkBoxCereal and I wish you all the best!!

p/s: BTW, the Gold Digger Box version is so pretty and I love the GOLD!!!




Hi there. The owner of this shop recently wrote a reply on your post at her facebook page. You can search for pinkboxcereal. I am in no way related to her, just a supporter who have seen her brand grow from the beginning. Shaf is a really nice person and she doesn’t mean anything bad or being biased about her packaging. I got the newspaper shreds too and i didnt mind a bit coz i thought it was environmentally friendly! You can read her apology on her fb post. 🙂


Hye Shamin, thank you so much on your kind words. To be honest I never expected that this two cents review will get that long response from the founder. I have responded to her too. I wish her and PinkBoxCereal Team all the best and cheers to you too! 🙂

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