Mermaid, a Mystical creature in the sea that full with mystery and hidden secret. To be like one you don’t necessarily need heavy makeup, fake mermaid tail and stay in the sea. Now you can have the mermaid vibe everyday. Below, I listed few items that you can get online and wear them for everyday looks inspired by mermaid.


Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid Blanket - crochet design - very comfy
Mermaid Blanket – crochet design – very comfy

Mermaid BlanketI purchased my mermaid blanket from the When I saw it online, the urge to have the blanket makes me feel that I should not miss it. I totally love how comfy and fluffy this blanket are. It keeps me warm and it help me to achieve deeper sleep. I just put it beside me in bed and the touch just keep me warm and I feel calm. Sounds funny? You should try it yourself.

This mermaid blanket also is great to warm the body while watching movie at home with popcorn. Put your comfy sweater on and snuggle inside this blanket and you are up for the cold night movie. This mermaid blanket is available at their website for MYR89. Available in three colours (i.e. Turquiose, Purple and Pink).

Mermaid makeup brushes

Mermaid Makeup Brushes
Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Mermaid inspired makeup brushes definitely would pump your makeup vanity into another level. I totally love its colours gradient and the handle design fit the definition of mermaid tail perfectly. I got my mermaid inspired makeup brushes from They have many designs and colour schemes that would fit your moods. The bristles are made from synthetic materials and its very fluffy.

The price varies (from MYR56 to MYR111) depending on the design and number of pieces. I have great news to share with you, just type WANDERSTYLER upon checkout to enable you to enjoy a discount up to 15% and this discount code can be used for all the items listed in the website.

Mermaid Tears bracelet

Mermaid Tears bracelet
Mermaid’s Tear bracelet

When comes to accessories, you definitely can feel the mermaid vibe with this Bracelet that I created. It is inspired with the mermaid iridescent glow that is reflective in the sea. This crystal beads would shift its colours from green, blue, yellow to pink. To be honest, this colour shift is so beautiful and it does works on a lower lighting too. It is not only the iridecent crytal that makes the colours shift. The rhinestones bead have the rainbow shift too and when they are match together, it is so beautiful.

I am so happy with this creation and now its available on for MYR89. This bracelet is available at a very limited quantity and do catch them fast before its gone for goods.

Mermaid Bikini – Ephyra Pastel Pearl High-Waist Bikini Set

If you love to be at the beach, this mermaid inspired bikini would make you feel like mermaid. I totally love the Ephyra Pastel Pwarl High-Waist Bikini that is available at Pink n Proper. The pearl string would make the design more pop. I love the pastel gradient from pink to blue. Its high-waist, hence this bikini would suck in your stomach and highlight your best features.

If you are Mermaid team, what is your mermaid inspired staple? Do share with me in the comment section below and until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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