Unicorn Brushes are so nice and pretty. Its such a huge trend nowadays from west to east. I believe most of beauty junkies would want to own them. They look so pretty on makeup vanity – I just love mine with Rose Gold finishing with pink ombre bristles!!!

There are many variations of them, so colourful with many types of bristles and handle colours. Tarte also has produced their version (5 pieces) that consist of 3 pieces for face and 2 for eyes. I saw them at Sephora Online and they are not cheap!! cost at MYR170. Apparently Tarte Unicorn Brushes are Vegan Bristle so maybe thats the reason for such price.

Before I saw the Tarte Unicorn brushes launches, I already searched them high and low through few Online Platforms. The only trusted Online Platform that I go to is Lazada and Shopee. Seriously gurls, if you are looking  for a cheaper options for Unicorn Brushes without breaking the bank, these two Online Platform is your answer.

How to do it?


From Lazada Online, at search area just type “Unicorn Brushes” and few options will  come out. From there you can see so many options, with pricing ranges between MYR25 up to MYR100. Make sure to go to “Relevance” and click “Low to High” and you are able to see the price variance. From here you need to do a price comparison, which type and colour that you like and how many pieces that you need.

You may need to take note that some of these products came all the way from China. So the delivery may take up to  14 days. This is depends on which seller that you go to. Lazada only sells “New” product and I noticed they are no “pre-love” items that I noticed.

If you do not like the product that you received, you may return them to the seller within 7 to 14 days after you receive the items.


Shopee is another Shopping Online Platform that allows “New” and “Pre-love” items to be listed. This Platform so far is the cheapest shopping online platform that I ever encountered. I purchased my Unicorn Brushes through this Online Platform.

The difference between Lazada and Shopee is in Shopee, each seller is an independent seller and each would charge delivery charges independently. Unlike Lazada whereby the delivery charges will be charged once at lump sum basis after you have chosen your items regardless which seller that you purchased from and sometimes if your purchasing has hit certain limit, Lazada would waive the delivery charges completely. However, this is not the case for Shopee.

That is why each seller in Shopee is able to price their items at a very low price. However, if you purchase few items at the same seller and it hit certain limit, the seller might waive the delivery charges.

I noticed that most of the items came all the way from China. Most of them are from Shenzen. The delivery would take approximately 14 days and you will be notified the process via the apps from the day you place the order, from where the origin of the items will be shipped (i.e. for my case from China, all the way to Malaysia) until the product reach to you. This part is very impressive because I was able to detect where exactly my items are. When you choose your product though Shopee, you must add additional of MYR12 (approx delivery charges) depends what type of items that you are purchasing.

One more things that you need to be careful. Since that these brushes comes in variety types and colour, you also need to pay attention to the bristles type. Some are made from natural hair (this can be animal hair or human hair). For Muslims, you might want to pay extra careful on this element as you might do not want to accidentally purchase a non halal animal hair brushes, right?

The Shopee Online Platform

The Shopee Online Platform

Page 1 - shows my account registered through Facebook and the delivery track
Page 1 – shows my account registered through Facebook and the delivery tracking history


Page 2 -The delivery tracking history
Page 2 -The delivery tracking history


My Unicorn Brushes; I purchased them from Wings. Mine was Retail at MYR30.00 + MYR10.30 for a standard Delivery charges.

The summary of purchase made through the seller
The summary of purchase made through the seller. I earned 30 Shopee coins that I can use later to purchase other items in the Shopee online platform.

My Verdict 

  1. I ordered mine with 10 pieces (4 pieces of face brushes and 6 for eyes).
  2. I love the brushes. The one that I receives comes in a very good condition. No defect!
  3. The bristles are soft, made from a synthetic hair.
  4. I love that the handle is in Rose Gold colour. Looks pretty on my vanity.
  5. So far I did not encounter any allergic reaction while using this brushes. If I experience such, its time to wash the brushes.
  6. I have used one brush to apply highlighter. I should try and use them for eyeshadow, foundation, face powder etc
Close-up views of the bristles - made by synthetic hair
Close-up views of the bristles – made by synthetic hair

For me,  these unicorn brushes are just a trend and of course they are pretty for vanity decoration. In the end, we will always go back to our “preferred” brushes that we have spent thousand bucks to achieve the perfect makeup look that we desire. This post is not a sponsored post. This post was meant for sharing purposes on how I get what I want and how I can be “cheapskate” sometimes. I hope this post would also help you in giving some idea how you can own your Own Unicorn Brushes especially when in “tight” budget. For me, it is not about being cheap, we just need to know when and how to spend the money wisely.

Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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