What is your definition and understanding on “Inspiring Beauty”? For me, Beauty is from within, its from inside you. For me its more on a reflection of yourself. What type of image that you want to portray? Being Beautiful is subjective, should not be measured with appearance and physical look. Its not about what you wear, what you have and what you can show off. What important the most is your inner heart, inner self that measure how pure your heart is. The prettier inside you, definitely more prettier it will shown. From inside out. There is no need to prove it. It will come out naturally…

Me at the Afternoon Tea Inspiring Beauty Talk with Wardah
Me at the Afternoon Tea Inspiring Beauty Talk with Wardah

Wardah Beauty is a cosmetics brand originally  from Indonesia. They has been established for 22 years and now they are taking their step ahead by expanding their wings to Malaysian Market. With their Tag Line “Inspiring Beauty”, is aim to help women to realized their true beauty inspire to achieve more. Wardah Beauty wants to inspire all women out there that we are beautiful in our own ways. Wardah Beauty wants to helps us (women) to gain back our confidence and sharing the inspiration through surroundings.

The Wardah Skin Care Range - White Secret
The Wardah Skin Care Range – White Secret
The Wardah Makeup Series - Foundation
The Wardah Makeup Series – Foundation
Wardah Best Seller Liquid Lipstick Range (Left) and Exclusive Lipsticks Range (Right)
Wardah Best Seller Range; Exclusive Matte Lip Cream Range – with 12 shades (Left) and Exclusive Lipsticks Range (Right) – 9 shades

Recently I got a chance to understand better about Wardah Beauty at their soft launch event located at The Majestic Hotel on 10 May 2017. We were briefed about their background on the following:-

  1. Wardah Beauty has been established in Indonesia for 22 years
  2. Wardah Beauty has approximately 400 products comprises both Skin Care and Cosmetics.
  3. Each products were carefully curated with some range that the research would take up to 7 years. The research would take place at Japan, Europe and many other country to ensure that they are able to create and product high quality product for their user.
  4. Recognized as the First Halal Cosmetic Brand, with no alcohol content to eliminate ambiguity to Muslim users. Furthermore, their Wardah Eyexpert waterproof mascara also can be wear for prayers (No necessities for removal prior to wudhu).
  5. Wardah Beauty aim to provide safe and high quality products for their users.
  6. Wardah Beauty also creates a product that would suits all skin range especially for Asian skin Tone.
  7. Turquoise as their Signature Color combined with white creates a kind and humble looks for Wardah.
  8. Product Range from MYR5.80 to MYR50.50 and will be officially launch on early June 2017 at Watson and later at Giant.
  9. To be honest I am quite amazed that the price range is very affordable i.e. not more than MYR50.50. This is great for us that are always in tight budget but looking forward for a high quality and HALAL product.

We were told that their best seller product is the Exclusive Matte Lip Cream for cosmetic range and “White Secret” range for Skin Care. I wish to get a chance to do the swatches on all 12 shades of their Matte Lip Cream and make comparison with other beauty brand.

Wardah Best Selling Items; White Secret from Skin Care series and Exclusive Matte Lip Cream
Wardah Best Selling Items; White Secret from Skin Care series and Exclusive Matte Lip Cream

To be honest, I am looking forward to try all their makeup range. Cant wait when this brand come officially in Watson and Giant. By the Way, what is your Beauty Inspiration? Do share with me in comment section down below. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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