Wanderstyler finally is doing first Lifestyle review. Everyone is into healthy lifestyle and why not to start with Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket).

About Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket)

Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) has sauna-like qualities, which stimulate better perspiration and help to lose inches in no time.

Main Effects

  • causes more perspiration and sweat
  • Press and shape certain parts of the body more
  • Detoxify immune system
  • Burn more calories
  • Sweat more than usual
  • Increase the metabolism rate

Product features

  • Made from NEOPRENE, which been used by divers to preserve body heat under the water
  • Causes a higher perspiration level making it easier to eliminate toxins and excess water
  • Very Comfortable
  • Can be used everyday at home, work, the gym or even swimming!
  • Moves together through any type of exercise, whether it be MMA, boxing, aerobics, calisthenics, etc
  • Increase mental and physical endurance
  • Increase flexibility, decreasing the likelihood of injury

Available in 4 sizes i.e. S, M, L and XL. I chosen S size.

The Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) - front view
The Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) – front view


My Verdict

The Jonlivia ActivSinglet is built from high type materials. The stitches is well done and I love its design. With its back pocket, it able to hold my keys, phones and cash. Perfect to keep my both hands free. I feel comfortable wearing this singlet.

I noticed  that the product’s material at stomach area is very similar to the Hot Shapers that I bought online few years ago. This type of materials has a “sauna like” property that will heat and burn your fat from inside. This type of material would makes you sweat. Regardless what activity you do, it will keeps your fats burning and makes you sweat. That is a good things. When I wear Jonlivia ActivSinglet, I can feel my stomach area constantly sweating.

The Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) - rear view
The Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) – rear view

Few drawbacks that I noticed for this Jonlivia ActivSinglet, and one of it is it does not have a built-in inner bra pad. Must wear with padded sport bra. I wish the singlet can be worn as 1 piece as its much easier especially on a rushing day. Next is the sizes it self. My body size measurement by chest, waist and hips is 30″- 27″- 34″ and size S is a bit big for me especially at my stomach area as the material does not stick and cling to my skin and hence the heating property were not working evenly to keep my stomach area sweat. Furthermore, with its thick sauna material, it makes the material crooked and gives an illusion like I am having few fats layer on.

Will I recommend you to buy this product? To be honest I love the product’s concept. The Sauna property would assist to burn the fats faster and to achieve the result faster. Furthermore, this singlet also can be worn for everyday task activity. Not necessarily for exercise only. I love the fact that the sauna like property will keep your fats burning although while watching TV!!! I suggest Jonlivia to make 1 size smaller i.e. XS to cater for small frame like me.

The S size a bit big for me and hence causing the thick materials crooked. Noticed the Back Pocket? Cool Right?
The S size a bit big for me and hence causing the thick materials crooked. Noticed the Back Pocket? Cool Right?

Where to get it?

Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) is retail at MYR138 on their website. Do check it at Jonlivia.com for  more info and to make your purchases.


This is NOT a sponsored post. This product was sent to me for review and this will not affects my judgement and review of the product. 

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