When I did some cleaning to my makeup brushes the other day I realized that I owned quite a lot of brushes. Despite that, I did not use all the brushes. Makeup brushes is one of the essential tools for makeup application and yet it is another HUGE task to find the RIGHT makeup brushes to achieve the RIGHT looks that you wanted. Finding the RIGHT makeup brushes also is quite subjective as the selection is very much depends on our personal preference. When comes to brushes, I don’t really shop for the brand. For me, I look more on the bristles types, its size and shape and how easy to use it to achieve my preferred looks.

Hence, in this post, I am sharing with you my twelve (12) types of makeup brushes that I cant leave without and what are the criteria that I am looking for when I purchase my makeup brushes.

Face Brushes

For Face brushes, I need about 5 types basically for foundation, face powder, blusher, contour and highlight. To be honest I seldom do contour and highlight so the most basic brushes is for foundation, face powder and blusher.

5 types of my essential face brushes
5 types of my essential face brushes

Foundation Brush – Flat Kabuki Brush

Prior to Beauty Blender / Breena Blending Pearl discovery I always apply my foundation with my Flat Kabuki brush. I love that the bristles on brush is quite dense and with its medium size, it able to reach every corner of my face. I also use the same brush to apply my concealer at my under eyes, bridge of my nose, forehead and my chin to give some highlight to my face.

Dome Shape Face Brush

I love its dome shape of this brush for powder application. The bristle is so soft and with its round shape it gives smooth powder application. Instead of swipe motion, I use this brush to dap dap dap my powder into the skin. This motion will give kinda airbrush finish and smooth surface. Because of its medium size I need more time to apply the powder for my entire face.

Small Face Brush

There are  two types of Small Face Brushes that I use, one for highlighter and another for contour.

Highlighter application

I use this brush to apply highlighter on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, my cupid bows and little bit at my chin. This brush is not too dense, hence the application is more softer and not too much. Because of its small size, I am able to apply “just right” amount of product at the dedicated area.

Contour application

I also use small Face Brush but this one is a bit dense to sculpt my face for contour. I use this brush to apply my contour right below my cheek bones, side of my nose, temple and my jaw line. Again, because of its small size, it able to give “enough” looks that I wanted. This brush also allows the product to blend effortlessly.

Blush angled brush

I use this medium size angled brush for blush. This brush gives more softer and define looks. I usually apply my blusher on my cheek bones and bring it outwards to temple to give more definition to my face. This application will give more slimmer looks and also give an illusion of more lifted looks.


Eyes Brushes

Now moving to Eyes Brushes. I have hooded eyes. Usually when open my eyes and raise my eyebrows up, I can see so much area to work at. However, when I just look straight, most of this area is folded. Because of this, I actually have small area  to work with. To shop for eyes brushes for my preference can be bit tricky for me as I always preferred smaller size, fluffy, soft and not too dense when comes to eyes brushes. There are about 7 types of eye brushes that I cant live without:-

7 types of my essential eye brushes
7 types of my essential eye brushes

Basic Eyeshadow Brush

I love this large basic brush because of its big size it able to set my eyelid with powder prior to my eyeshadow application more faster. The bristles are soft and fluffy and I love that it is soft for my eyes.

Crease Brushes

Lately I like to apply my transition shades at my crease. Not at my actual crease because its folded. I need to create new one right above the folded line to give an illusion that I have higher crease. Then to apply much darker / intense colour to accentuate the crease area.

Blending Brush

There are many types and sizes of bristle for eyes blending brushes. I use Blending Brushes to Prime my eyelids with cream concealer, to pat and blend my eyeshadows. I use two sizes most of the  time:-

Big Blending Slanted Brush

I use this big and slanted blending brush to apply my cream concealer to prime my eyelids. The size of its bristles is a bit bigger and fluffy and this makes my prime application much faster.

Medium Blending Brush

I use this blending brushes most of the time to blend my eyeshadows to get the perfect diffuse and blended eyeshadows looks.

Basic eyeshadows brush

I use basic flat brush to pat my eyeshadows. Especially the one with iridescence, satin or metallic finishes. This helps to pat the shadows with more intensity and pigmentation that I wanted. Besides, I also use this brush type to apply my concealer on my eyelids for cut crease. I also use the same to apply concealer right below my eyebrows to have more cleaner looks at my brow bone.

Pencil Brushes

To give more definition on my eye looks especially at the outer corner of my eyes, I prefer to use pencil brushes to pat the shadows, diffuse and blend the shadows perfectly.

Small Brushes

I use this small brushes for my inner corner of my eyes and to blend my under eyes. To be honest I seldom apply shadows at my under eyes. But there are times when I want to define my lower lashes, I will use this type of brush to line my under eyes.

Well, that concludes my 12 basic makeup brushes that I use to apply my makeup everyday. Depending on how heavy of my eyelooks, there are times that I need to use more bending brushes just to blend all the shadows. However, for my everyday looks, these twelve 12 brushes is pretty basic and essential that I seriously cant live without. Do share with me your preferred makeup brushes and do recommend any brand that is good for me to try out. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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