As a Malaysian whom is always proud of my heritage line and tradition, there is nothing that would make me proud more when Pink N’ Proper, Malaysian Online Swimwear platform recently launched their newly in-house bikini Signature Collection, called A Batik Story.

Each of the designs were specially curated with one intention in mind – to bring “a piece of home” everywhere you go around the world; such a perfect swimwear especially for those beaches wanderers.

Being the first collection under Pink N’ Proper’s new range of swimwear, The SIGNATURE Collection, A Batik Story is a cultured expression that inspires to evoke feelings of our native rich cultures and immensely dense natural beauty. Inspired by traditional batik prints, the hand drawn motifs from A Batik Story are derivatives of the exotic and old worlds applied with a modern day twist. Made with loose knots alike traditional batik wraps with our SIGNATURE pink lining, our batik range is designed fully in-house with the finest materials to feel sumptuous on the body and ultimately to complement the beauty of Asian physiques. Simply put, it is designed to bridge chic, tropical, urban, and resort vacation style seamlessly.

I recently got invited to their Official Launches that was held at Halaman Guest House Boutique, located at Salak South. In total there are about 4 designs divided into 2 types i.e. bikini and monokini.

There are called “Embun” & “Rimba” for 2 pieces bikini and as for the Monokini, they are called “Bayu” & “Senja”. All designs came in two color variation i.e. Nila Blue and Mekar Nude. All design comes in three sizes selection; i.e. S, M and L. Each designs were carefully curated to fit into many body shapes and sizes. Overall I would say  that the basic silhouette of each and every designs are quite universal  to flare any body types.

Besides swimwear, the Signature Batik Collection also come out with multiwear “Bulan Wide Belt” which you can wear them in many ways i.e. as a belt to jazz up any plain bikini/monokini or as a hair accessory.

My verdict

I have a Pear body shape and petite size. Hence, my verdict would be based on how these design would fit into my body type. Usually I would choose “S” size.

This is how the Batik collection looks on "non model" body shape. #jangankecam
This is how the Batik collection looks on “non model” body shape. #jangankecam

My comment and review on all the designs were based on my trying session at their Show Room located at Jalan Kuchai Lama:-

Bayu – “S” size is a perfect fit for me, I love high waist design that would helps to hold my curve especially at my  stomach area.  This gives an illusion of flat stomach and hourglass figures. Furthermore, Bayu can be worn in two ways i.e. Halter Neck or Strapless Monokini. Loving the options.

Rimba – I tried Mekar Nude print in “S” size and I noticed that the top part is a bit too big for my not so “fleshy” chest. Furthermore, the bottom bikini cut enhances my bulging stomach, remind me to do more sit up exercise and cut my Kinder Bueno desire.

Senja – This is one of the sexiest design with neck plunging that would expose most of your chest area. I love the design but at this age, I am not that daring anymore to wear this design in public pool. Hence, I would give this design a miss. I tried “S” size and it fit perfectly on me. The straps at the back is adjustable and this will be not an issues especially for those with long torso.

Embun – I love the high waist bottom design as again it holds my stomach fats and giving an illusion of flat stomach. Furthermore, the top part can be worn in many ways – with string or without. This design is a bit too tight for me so I need to wear “M”.

I tried Bayu in Mekar Nude and I find it not that flattering to my skin tone.
I tried Bayu in Mekar Nude and I find it not that flattering to my skin tone.

From the trial session, I would say that the color variation “Nila Blue” would suits me better because usually, any bright color would compliment my skin tone better. As for the design, I prefer “Embun” for Bikini and “Bayu” for Monokini. I chosen Bayu for bikini because of the high waist bottom that would cover my bulging stomach. This is perfect to hide my imperfection. As for the monokini, I chosen “Bayu” because it help me to create an illusion of flat stomach and hourglass figure. All designs comes with padding and inner lining. The materials are so soft and I can assure you that they are made with high quality fabrics.

To be honest, I do have long torso and some of the fixed monokini design would NOT fit nicely to my body. I hate it when the monokini got stretch and create some gap at my back. However, I don’t face this issues with monokini from this Collection. Both designs holds my curve perfectly.

Each bikini are priced at RM159 whilst monokini are priced at RM189. As for the Bulan Wide Belt is priced at RM39. All these designs are now available on their Online Shop i.e. Do check them out for more details. If you are a first time buyer, you may use HELLO15 code and get further 15% discount on your first purchases.

So, which design that you would choose? Would you get them all? Do share with me your thought in the comment section down below. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsor post. I give honest review and my thought would be based on my real experiences trying these products. The code stated above I got it from the goodie bag that I received from the event. This is not an affiliate code and if you wish to save money to buy this batik collection, feel free to use the code. 🙂

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