First of all, I don’t know how to start. Well, when I woke up on Sunday Morning (18 June 2017) I received so many “likes” on my Facebook page and I was quite shocked and figure if did I pay for the Facebook Ad-sense by accident (which I never purchase one) until I get this kinda response? The response was quite overwhelming and I was never expecting for such number of likes before. (I know, I know my page likes is never that great anyway and its okay, I am starting slowly – don’t judge).

Later that night, then only I came across the Response given by the Shopinkboxcereal founder; Ms. Shaf on my first impression review: Pink Box Cereal. In my previous review, I mentioned about my thought on my purchase of Hermosa Lip Kit package. Yeah I dislike the shredded newspaper being part of box presentation for the environmental friendly intention because the newspaper ink of course does not look cute when it got caught into my fingers. Seriously hate it. Fair enough, Ms. Shaf also agree with me on this matter and I am glad that my concerns has been taken care into.

To answer some allegations given towards me on that post, I do support “LOCAL” beauty businesses. When Pinkboxcereal came into viral, I liked the founder FB page, I do follow her Instagram and I followed her LIVE post. My intention was to have a better understanding about Pinkboxcereal concept and what its all about. Even way prior to Pink Box Cereal, there were other beauty boxes i.e. Cosmobox, The Lilac Box, Bag of Love etc, and I do support local business by Purchasing Them with my own hardship money. I totally understand to curate, to develop such beauty box brand and to find the right products to be included into the box is not an easy task. I understand that very well. However, there are always room for improvement and hence any negative reviews should be taken into positive ways for further improvements in future.

On the environmental friendly awareness, I wish that Ms. Shaf should have given a “heads up” to her subscribers in the box itself. Maybe a note / card to say that this week is all about environmental friendly. I was seriously not aware about her intention to go green on that particular week. There are so many ways to go environmental friendly such as shredded magazines, shredded brown boxes (this one quite thick to work with) or shredded old brochures (not the photocopy one please). For me, tissue “kenduri kahwin rewang” also can do the justice. Just put two or three layers, open it, lay the product over and cover the product and walla, great presentation. Just my two cents.

This is not Tissue Kahwin Rewang. I think that tissue type would presents much better because its more crispy looking. But you know what I mean right?
This is not Tissue “Kenduri Kahwin Rewang”. I believe that tissue type would presents much better because it feel more “crispy” looking . But you know what I mean right?

Regardless branded or not, local or international I do review them the same way. I dislike them? I say them all. I love them? Definitely I say them all too. Some products do wanders and some are not. My reviews on this blog has been always intended to share about what I feel and how I experience things. Regardless cheap or expensive. This space is the only place where I am able to share about my thought on anything that I purchased, that I experienced and what I gathered.

In response to her overwhelming feedback on my earlier review, do find below my letter to her.

Dear Shaf,

Thank you for your honest response and positive feedback towards my review the other day. I feel grateful that my inner voice has been answered. It was never my slight intention to jeopardize your business and I do support them. Its just that, that week must has been a rough week for me and I apologise for calling your box as “Nasi Lemak Bungkus” (i.e. which when I first open it I was shocked that the beautiful pink box was covered with a piece of newspaper tho). Despite that I hate the shredded newspapers, I still arrange the products nicely and post a very nice picture tho. No doubt the box is beautiful, its pink and sturdy with magnetic closure and I love it. After I remove those shredded newspapers (that is ugly), I put my precious mermaid brushes in it. But again, its not only about the box, its everything including the products quality, presentation, product information (which also not in the box) that is also requires attention.

In response to my first impression reviews, I respect that you look into it in positive way and I am glad that you have the intention to improve and work forward to give a better response and services to your customer. I do look forward to see more improvements, more great curated products from PinkBoxCereal and I wish you all the best!! 

p/s: BTW, the Gold Digger Box version is so pretty and I love the GOLD!!!



To be honest I never expected that warm response given by Ms. Shaf on my first impression review on the Hermosa Lip Kit. Thank you so much for taking note on that and I do accept the forgiveness. Despite of her response, that would never change my initial perception towards the presentation of the box.

Side note to my loyal and new readers, Thank you so much for dropping by and read Wanderstyler blog. Your supports and time spent by just reading my two cents review means world to me. It is very much appreciated. I shall post more reviews on beauty products or anything related and I do hope that my post would assist and benefit you gurlss. Since that Aidilfitri is approaching, Edazz sign off with “akhir kata Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin, 0 – 0 yaaa”. Until we meet again in my next post! XOXO

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I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially it is done with good intention. As a business owner myself, I understand the hardship she went through to make her brand. And I would appreciate more if someone point out what went wrong with my brand. Cheers! Have a good week ahead.

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