To find the RIGHT liquid lipstick that is matte finish, non drying and would last long is a HUGE task. Liquid Lispticks trend is still valid and I noticed that most of cosmetics brand out there is in battle to produce their own version and formulation that would suits our market needs. Out of curiosity, I purchased the Velvetcreme by Breena Beauty through Hermo Online to give this product a try.

Breena Velvetcreme Liquid Lipstick
Breena Velvetcreme Liquid Lipstick

About Breena Beauty

Breena Beauty was founded in 2014. We are based in Malaysia and we offer a selection of makeup products at affordable prices. We want the world to experience high quality products at a reasonable deal. We ship worldwide and we look forward to give the best online shopping experience to all makeup lovers out there!

About the Velvetcreme liquid Lisptick

– Dries off matte
– Highly Pigmented
– Longlasting
– Kiss proof
– Comfortable on the lips
– Approve by the Health Ministry
– Vegan & Cruelty-Free

EFFECT Colouring, Enhancing Lip
MADE IN Malaysia

Breena Velvetcreme liquid lipsticks available in 9 different shades as below:-

Image Source: Breena Beauty
Image Source: Breena Beauty

I purchased 3 shades and below are the swatches:-

From left; Peachcake - nude peach, Macaroon - beige pink and Courage - deep maroon
From left; Peachcake – nude peach, Macaroon – beige pink and Courage – deep maroon


My Verdict

Having tried all three colours, I am excited to share below my verdict about this product:-

  1. The colour intensity are highly pigmented. Its pretty and feels soft and velvety on my lips once it dry.
  2. It wont suck out my lips moisture and is not sticky.
  3. This formulation however would take a while to completely dry and set. So its advisable to wait for a minute until it fully dry before you start with activity with your lips eg. eating, drinking, kissing etc.
  4. This lipstick is a matte finish and is surprisingly long lasting.
  5. The lipstick once is dry completely would have very minimal transfer.
  6. I noticed that the colour would not completely gone after meal. Its waterproof and really meant for long wearing.
  7. The liquid lipstick can be reapply over and over again but to advise not to apply way too thick as when it dry too thick, it will accentuate the line of the lips. When I rubbed it off, the pigments also would be rubbed off easily like chunky dust. But the best part is, It wont caused my actual lips skin to dry and chapped.
  8. The only bummer is I cant find the manufacturing date on its packaging neither at the box nor tube. Knowing that by wearing a lipstick, we eat most of it through eating, drinking and kissing and hence, we definitely want to know when the product is made for our preference.

This product once open has approximately 24 months lifespan. The 3 colours that I bought are totally wearable and I love “Peachcake” so much for my everyday look and “courage” for more daring looks.

Sharing below my looks for all three shades:-

Breena Velvetcreme is available at their online store at MYR39 (retail price) or at Hermo Online at MYR33.15 (Hermo is having a massive sale at their website). Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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