Walking into Guardian Pharmacy always makes my heart filled with anxiety as I always ponder on Catrice Cosmetics. In Malaysia, Catrice Cosmetics is only available at Guardian. I always love Catrice Cosmetics. For me they are one of the most affordable makeup brand (beside essence) that is available in drugstore and their prices are not as expensive as compared to Loreal and some other Drugstore brands.

My recent visit to Guardian brings me to come across their recent released HD Liquid Coverage foundation that claims to lasts up to 24 hours. I was too excited to give this foundation a test because:-

  1. It says It can last up to 24 hours
  2. Its a mattifying type foundation – I always love matte finish foundation as it would give more flawless looks.
  3. Apparently it would act as a “second skin”

To be honest, I was more interested with its packaging that reminds me of iodine bottle (during my chemistry class) lesson those days. I find that the Glass dropper jar would enable us to control the amount of liquid foundation required. Depends how many drops needed for entire face. For my face I would use approx 50 cents diameter radius.

Product Descriptions:-

Lightweight and non-oily texture that feels like a second skin. Provides a longlasting full coverage without mask effect and creates an even complexion. With “high definition” finish for camera ready skin. Dermatologically tested.

Capacity: 30ml

This foundation available in 4 shades:-

Curious about this foundation I purchased two shades from this line as I was unable to find my perfect shades.

I bought shades 030 Sand Beige and 040 Warm Beige. Unfortunately, I have difficulties finding the right shade for my skin tone with this foundation. Shade 030 Sand Beige apparently is in yellow undertone but its too bright for my skin and shade 040 although should be in warmer tone and bit darker, this shade just too pink undertone for me. Pink undertone for darker shades would make my skin complexion to look dull and too dark as compared to rest of my body. Nobody wants to have a dull and dark looking face especially when its darker than the rest of my body.

I have yellow undertone and medium tan / fair shades. Perfect foundation shades is either Golden Beige – G4 or G3 (for Loreal True Match) or (Beige –  for Bourjois Air Mat).

Left: shade 040 Warm Beige and Right; shade 030 Sand Beige
Left: shade 040 Warm Beige and Right; shade 030 Sand Beige

Hence, I tried to mix both shade and apply the same on my face and here are my verdict:-

  1. Not that High Coverage – This foundation does not provide a high coverage as compared to Bourjois Air Mat foundation. For better coverage, I believe Bourjois Air Mat would gives better results.
  2. Limited shades – I unable to find the perfect shade for my skin, which a drawback for this foundation. For me if we are in limited budget, we cant be spending more than 1 bottle just to mix the product and to get the right shades. Furthermore, mixing the foundation to get the right shade would require many attempts and we wont get the right ratios at few first attempts. Possible of wasting the product.
  3. I noticed that this foundation wont stay and last up to 24 hours. Its impossible at our humid weather. With my combination skin type, my forehead will shines after couple of hours and that would caused the foundation to move.
  4. The consistency of this liquid foundation is thick but not as thick like a concealer consistency. I am able to apply to entire face before it completely set.
  5. This foundation is lightweight and does not feel cakey on my face.
  6. This foundation does dry matte. However, I hate it when it set, it will dry into patches at my problematic area i.e. pimples, blemishes etc. Well, I do admit that my skin textures is not that perfect but no one would like to have a foundation that would highlight my imperfections as making it protruding out through.
  7. I feel that this foundation is quite drying to my skin when it just set on my skin. But eventually, once my natural face oil mix with it, it would gives a natural glow to my face. However, as I mentioned in Item 3, once my forehead shines, the foundation tends to move.
Glass Dropper Jar - I find that this type of jar would pump more air inside the jar and caused the consistency of the liquid to be more thicker and drying.
Glass Dropper Jar – I find that this type of jar would pump more air inside the jar and cause the consistency of the liquid to be more thicker and drying faster. But this is a air tight cap and I hope it will seal the air away from the product.

Although this foundation on its own does not really works for me, I did try other option to ensure this foundation works. I mixed the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in shade 030 Sand Beige with Revlon Colorstay Foundation (works for combination/oily skin) in shade 370 toast and I can feel that the foundation works better in coverage and shades. I noticed that it last longer too. I am not sure if its due to the formulation in Catrice or Revlon that helps to improves this condition but I would feel that its good to have an option rather than leave the foundation to waste.

I always find ways and option to make the product works for me. If it cant be save at all, then its time for it to find new owner or end it up at dustbin. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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