I always dream of having “V shape” face with strong jaw line structure. Afraid to go under the knife, Collistar Whitening Hydro-lifting Essence is my absolute choice. Not only it provides a whitening effect, it also helps to improve my skin texture, slowly remove my double chin and thus improves my selfie feature.

My everyday face serum - Collistar Whitening Hydro-Lifting Essence V Shape Serum
My everyday face serum – Collistar Whitening Hydro-Lifting Essence V Shape Serum


Ingredients / Highlighted elements:-

This product is made in Italy and is dermatological tested for Asian skin. It contain Special Essential White HP – an extraordinary mix of technology and nature, the Line’s specialties guarantee clear, radiant and smooth skin due to exclusive Collistar Essential White Complex and the precious extracts of four italian plants – Orange, cucumber, olive and grapes. 

This exquisite serum is the ideal daily treatment for young-looking, radiant skin. A special pool of substances combines a gradual remodeling, moisturizing and whitening action with an instant lifting effect. The secret is Ovaliss™, an innovative active ingredient that arms skin tissue and stimulates lipolysis, helping to fight double chins and sculpting and remodeling the natural oval shape of the face.

A special polyhydroxy acid with strong hygroscopic properties guarantees long- lasting hydration and its delicate micro-exfoliating effect helps smooth and rejuvenate the epidermis and encourages natural skin cell renewal. The efficacy is further enhanced by the Essential White Complex® and Italian plant extracts that give the skin a healthy glow and reduce blemishes and uneven skin tone. The results. Instantly clear and radiant skin and a face that appears smoother and more lifted. Over time, the natural oval shape of the face is remodeled and becomes firmer.


How to use it?

Apply the product to the face, neck and decolletage and slowly massage into the skin. For a maximum result, use it every morning and night.

View at the back of the bottle - how to apply direction
View at the back of the bottle – how to apply direction


My Verdict

I’ve been using this product for more than 2 years now since it was first launched in Malaysia. On and off as I sometimes venture for other products and somehow I always go back this product. As a loyal user I would say that this product works pretty well for me.

The product textures on my skin
The product texture on my skin
  1. It does whiten and improves my skin tone. Especially after my vacation, I tends to get darker and this serum would helps to get my skin to its natural tone gradually.
  2. Upon use it everyday, I am able to maintain my jaw line feature. Its a lie to say that I don’t have double chin at all. I still have it but at least its not that prominent. With a control diet and exercise, this double chin can be solved accordingly.
  3. This product absorbs pretty well into skin. It does not leave any oily residue and it makes the skin soft, moisturize and smooth. For me it smell pretty decent – not that fragrance.
  4. This product is available at SASA. Retail at MYR155 I would say that this product is still at affordable range as compared to other mid-range brand. SASA sometimes arrange a discount and sale and this product sometimes got listed in sale too. I always stock up mine at SASA Mitsui, KLIA and I get very good bargain there (each product about MYR55 ++). However, these product is nearly to it’s expire date (approx 4 months left) so I will always make sure I am able to use it before its expiry date. If you plan to buy there, ensure that you are able to use it up before its expiry  date.
  5. Each bottle contain at 50 ml or 1.6 FL.OZ and it can last up to 1 – 2 months for me (I use everyday – 3 pumps – every morning after toner).

Are you using V shape product too? Do share with me in the comment down below which product that you use to achieve this. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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