During my first time visit to Bangkok sometimes in May last year, I asked my BF what he want as souvenier and he demanded Dr. Somchai. And I was like.. “What the hell is that?” Its a local Thai brand that develop acne range of product. To be honest, I heard it wrong.. My thoughts playing “Dr. Song Chai”… He keep saying “its a good brand, its a good brand..”

That was the first time that I heard such brand and during my visit, me and my BFF were walking around Bangkok with “Dr. Song Chai” in our head. We visited Watson at Victoria Monument and realised that the product is actually called Dr. Somchai. Because the pharmacist there said there are no such Dr. Song Chai!! LOL

At the shelve, I noticed that Dr.Somchai have few product range from Facial Wash to Acne Cream, from Face to Body and I bought few items back (i.e. Cleansing Gel, Lotion and the Acne Cream) because:-

1/ I don’t know what to expect from these products,

2/ I can’t purchase their normal range because most of it comes in 100ml bottles/tubes.

I cant remember the price but total cost for all these items is approx THB600. Came back to Malaysia, gave it to my BF and that’s it.

Left; The Cleansing Gel and Right; Acne Cream
Left; The Cleansing Gel and Right; Acne Cream

Its been many months since I’m facing on and off breakouts. There are many  reasons how we can develop acne and I believe for my case it was caused by the following:-

  1. My hormonal change – every months – period yada yada
  2. Not suitable makeup range – sometimes certain makeup brands can caused allergy reaction to my face.
  3. Not suitable skin care range – certain brands (i.e. especially moisturiser) just not meant for me
  4. My greasy hair – I have bangs and sometimes greasy bangs can caused acne at my forehead
  5. My hands – our hands touches everything and of course would carry bacteria with it. So imagine tonne of bad bacteria touches your face.
  6. Sinus – I have mild sinus reaction towards dust, fur.. Its an allergy reaction and sometimes pimples just want to pop out – dang.
  7. Smokes – Yeah, My BF smokes and these smokes can caused acne to my face…
  8. My makeup brushes – need to wash makeup brushes more frequently but
  9. Being Lazy – erkkk

So I’ve been complaining about my problem to my BF and he took Dr.Somchai cream (the one that I bought for him, of course) and he just put at my problem areas. Problem Solve!! So during this period, I used the Cleansing Gel and the Acne Cream.

Interested to know more about this brand I googled and here is their Company Profile:-

In 1971, we started with Dr. Somchai Skin Clinic in the central district of Bangkok, Thailand. Our founder, Dr. Somchai Ruangwattanasuk, graduated from Chulalongkorn University Medical School and the Institute of Dermatology, St. Johns Hospital for Diseases of the Skin, at the University of London

Dr. Somchai practiced and taught Dermatology at Chulalongkorn Hospital, then subsequently spearheaded the Dermatology Department at Central Hospital before starting his private practice. In response to the requests from his patient, he made his products available to the public. Since then, a team of doctors and pharmacists have joined Dr. Somchai’s practice and established skin & beauty clinics throughout Thailand.

To my surprise that they actually have more product range, From Face to Body, For Whitening, For Acne, For Hair, For Facial Care and For Men. Apparently you can buy their products online but they only ship within Thailand only – sad. For more info about this brand you can visit them here.

The back view of both products Left; Cleansing Gel and Right; Acne Cream
The back view of both products Left; Cleansing Gel and Right; Acne Cream

Now, lets Dig into these two items shall we?

1/ Acne Cleansing Gel

ACNE Cleansing Gel
Cleanses thoroughly.
Reduces oiliness.
Prevents acne.
ACNE Cleansing Gel
Facial cleansing gel for oily and acne-prone skin. This special formula helps remove excess oil without overdrying while adding moisture to the skin.
•        Cleanses deep into pores to prevent acne.
•        Triclosan helps prevent acne-causing bacteria.
•        Witch hazel balances natural moisture.

2/ Acne Cream

ACNE Cream
Reduces inflammation.
Unclogs pores.
Helps dry up acne.
ACNE Cream
Reduces and removes pore-clogging oil which causes acne. Helps clear up acne gently but effectively without irritating the skin.
•        Triclosan helps prevent acne-causing bacteria.
•        Salicylic acid helps dissolve dirt & oil that clog pores.
•        Vitamin E helps reduce discolorations caused by acne 
The Cleansing Gel is a transparent gel that would turns into lather white bubbles. The Acne Cream is in white and it is high concentration.
The Cleansing Gel is a transparent gel that would turns into lather white bubbles once mix with water. The Acne Cream is in white and it is high concentration.

My Verdict

  1. I totally love these two products. It helps to reduce the pimples redness in 2-3 days. For me that pretty fast tho.
  2. I realised that not only it reduce and heal, it also didn’t leave any black dot on my skin. Well, I encountered many acne product based of Tea Tree Oil. Certain Tea Tree Oil with its high concentration and if you put directly to the acne, it definitely would treat but also will leave black dot scars. That would take months to clear.
  3. Both products smells nice! The cleansing gel smells refreshing!!!
  4. The cleansing gel able to remove all my face impurities. Regardless how thick my makeup is, this cleansing gel just wipe them all off.
  5. No irritation to my skin, no tingling sensation and this product is very gentle to my skin.
  6. I use the cleansing gel day and night and the acne cream at night before bed.

So far I am loving this product. Once my face has come to its normal condition, I will go back to my normal facial routine range. This brand is definitely my quick acne solution and I would stock this product up on my next visit to Bangkok. Until we meet again in my next post! XOXO

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