I am always wandering to find “cheap” and “affordable” cosmetic products (Foundation Stick) that is safe, trustworthy and would not cause harm to my skin. I believe, we all do.

Daiso always makes me happy because I may find a great “finds” there. For me, Daiso is like heaven and usually I would spend a long time there just to browse through their items. When I said long, it’s really long…

ever bilena foundation stick
Foundation Sticks found at Daiso

In Daiso, I came across this Foundation Stick called “Ever bilena”. This foundation comes in two shades:-

1/ Shade O4 for those with pinkish undertone

2/ Shade U4 for those with yellow undertone.

I bought both as I was curious how it will perform and I was managed  to make use of both shades on my face. Shade O4, I use it to brighten up and highlight my features and Shade U4 for the rest of my face. I noticed that shade U4 suits me better as I am a yellow undertone.

Two Shades available for this product
Two Shades available for this product


I was not able  to read  and translate the foundation stick ingredients as it was written in Japanese but this product is made in Taiwan. So I was not able to confirm if the content of this product is safe for your skin.

The label at the bottom part of this product
The label at the bottom part of this product

Here is my verdict:-

  1. This foundation stick is very easy to apply, it glide easily. I believe its because of one ingredients (i.e. wax) that makes the application very easy.
  2. It smell like “rubber” in my opinion, which I don’t fond of.
  3. It does blend, and I use wet sponge for the application. I rather not use brush as the product will move before it set. To complete the look, I just use loose powder to set whole face.
  4. However, this foundation does not provide much coverage. If you are looking for a higher coverage, this foundation stick is not for you. It does not covers your imperfection, your pores and pimples.
  5. I would not suggest this foundation stick for those with oily skin type. I cant sure that you wont suffer any breakout from this product. I am a Combination Skin type and so far I did not encounter any breakout by using this product.
  6. Its cheap, affordable and can be a cheaper option for drugstore makeup. All items at Daiso is RM5.90.
  7. However, this product does not stay long on the face and it turn shiny after couple of hours. So I need to touch up with powder frequently.
  8. This product can be easily remove with facial wash.
  9. Suitable for everyday look – not so heavy makeup look.

foundation stick overview

So far thats all my thought about this product. Let me know down below if you like this type of review and I would make more of this.

Until we meet in my next post.


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