Kat Von D MetalMatte eyeshadow Palette has been one of my favourite palette. In this palette alone consists of 9 metallic shades and 13 matte shades that the colours variance would match from darker, cool to warm skin tone.


A mega-exclusive, super-limited new eyeshadow palette with 13 rich mattes and 9 Metal Crush shades.

Two finishes face off in one high-contrast palette! The MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette is an all-new mashup of bold colors and must-have textures, celebrating the two sides within everyone—whether it’s soft and romantic, rock ‘n’ roll, or both!

The palette’s top row features an explosive lineup of exclusive, never-before-seen metallic shades in Kat’s max-pigment Metal Crush Eyeshadow formula, plus “Synergy,” a bestselling bronze from the original collection. The bottom of the palette is a rainbow array of buttery mattes, in a range of new tones from dark and moody to pastel neutrals—all in Kat’s signature blendable, pigmented eyeshadow formula.

This insane assortment of tones and textures gives you endless combinations for a range of awesome looks. Or, get inspired with the included insert’s three fearless tutorials, each with step-by-step instructions!

Just like every Kat Von D product, Kat left her mark with a piece of original artwork. The logo on the outside of the palette was hand-drawn by Kat as an ambigram—it reads “Metal” one way, then flip it upside-down to form “Matte.”

Palette Includes

  • Eight never-before-seen shades of Kat’s super-charged metallic eyeshadow formula Metal Crush: Nebula (metallic navy), Watt (metallic teal), Ignite (metallic sea foam), Tinsel (metallic pewter), Glitz (metallic rose gold), Twinkle (metallic lilac), Volt (metallic violet) and Flash (metallic gold).
  • Fan-favorite Metal Synergy (metallic bronze) from the original collection.
  • 13 signature triple-milled matte formulas: Linen (matte white), Jet (matte black), Velour (matte royal blue), Stone (matte cement gray), Moss (matte forest green), Ribbon (matte deep purple), Silk (matte terracotta), Fringe (matte peach), Feather (matte dandelion), Oak (matte chocolate brown), Suede (matte fawn), Bone (matte cream) and Velvet (matte deep plum).
  • Original artwork by Kat.
  • Tutorial insert with three looks.


  • Kat hand-sketched the logo that decorates the outside of the palette. It’s an ambigram— it reads “Metal” one way, then flip it upside-down to form “Matte.”
  • “I am proud to say that Kat Von D Beauty has never tested on animals—and never will.” —Kat Von D


Since I got this palette, I’ve been trying to explore all the colour variance and noticed that I always pick the pastel colours.

Metal Shades:-

Matte Shades:-

How I apply the colours from this palete?

Day look

Create My Day Look from this palette
Create My Day Look from this palette

I always use Suede as my transition shades as a based. Then I use either Silk or Fringe all over my Lid and bring this colour up nearer to my brows. I have hooded eyes so I need to ensure that the colour can be seen on the lid when I open my eyes. Then I will use Ribbon or Oak at the outer corner of the eyes to give more dimension to the look. Then I will add Glitz at the mid part of the lid to give some highlight and dimension at the middle of my lid. I then used Tinsel at the inner corner of my eyes to brighten up my eyes. For lower lids, I will repeat the same process.

Then finish up the looks with black eyeliner and mascara. This is my everyday to work look. I find it very sweet and mild, not too extreme and suits my skin complexion.

Night Look

Creating Night Look from this palette
Creating Night Look from this palette

Again, I use suede as a transition shades. Then I use Oak to deepen the shade at the outer corner and also to build at the crease to give more depth. Then I would apply velvet on top of oak to create more intense looks. Then I create cut crease from inner corner to the mid section of the lid with concealer. Then I applied Flash on top of it to create more vibrance gold look in the middle section of the lid. Then smooth out the harsh line for both colours. Repeat same process at the lower lid and finish it with thick liner and lots and lots of mascara.

My Verdict

  1. The colour pay off are incredible! They are so pigmented and I noticed that I do not need to use too much just to create the look that I desire!
  2. All the shades feels so velvety and buttery. They are easy to be applied on my eyelid – can use brush or fingers.
  3. The colour intensity are buildable. I can control how intense I want the colour to be. The colour more intense with eye primer.
  4. I can feel that this palette is created to suits all skin tone because of the colour variances and options would be able to cater your everyday looks.
  5. From this palette alone, we are able to create any looks – From sweet and natural looks to more Gothic with darker and intense looks.

For me, retail at MYR140 this palette definitely is a huge steal. Based on its quality and colour selections, I think this palette worth every penny. Furthermore its cruelty free. But then again, it depends if this palette would be suitable for you.

This palette is available at Sephora Online. You may also get the same at any sephora store in Malaysia. Until we meet again in my next post! XOXO

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The pallete look amazing and the metal shadows are stunning 🙂



Hello Chickfreak, Tq for reading my post. Indeed the palette is amazing. I enjoy doing the swatches and still in the midst of experimenting with all the colours… I love the matte shades more because it blends well!! =)

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