This is the most expensive foundation I ever purchased at drugstores. Retails at MYR99.90 this foundation is considered the most expensive foundation in drugstore. The hype L’Oreal Infallible foundation range in USA is real. They have many foundation types under this range i.e. Pro-Glow, Pro-Matte and the most recent is Total Cover. From the Beauty Gurus in You Tube, they have different views for each and every type depends on their preference.

However, for Malaysian market, the brought in only this range; L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 24 HR. I was really curious about this foundation. I really wanna see how this foundation would perform on me. So, I decided to get mine through HERMO website. When it was first launched, HERMO was having a promotion price at MYR76. In drugstores (i.e. Watson and Guardian), this foundation introductory price was MYR88. (still expensive tho). This foundation available in 8 shades for Malaysian Market. I believe this 8 shades would cater more for our Asian skin range here (erkk not really).

8 shades available for L'Oreal Infallible foundation 24 H range. Image source: Hermo
8 shades available for L’Oreal Infallible foundation 24 H range. Image source: Hermo

I’ve chosen the shade 140 Golden Beige based on my instinct. Actually I chose this shade because it has “Golden” name so I believe it may have some micro Golden particles like in G4 Gold Beige shade in True Match liquid Foundation. Well, that was my initial thought. However, when I got them in hand and do the swatches and compare, I noticed that this 140 Golden Beige shade is way more pink undertone as compared to the L’Oreal True Match Foundation in G4 Bold Beige. The 140 Golden Beige is slightly fairer and there is NO fine GOLD particle in it as compared to G4 Gold Beige. To be honest I was bit upset with this because I wish there is some gold. However, I believe the intention that this L’Oreal Infallible range has no gold because this range is suppose to give you matte finish. Then why is the price tag? there is no GOLD.

Shade swatches Comparison between True Match and Infallible Range - similar shade name
Shade swatches Comparison between True Match and Infallible Range – similar shade name

About L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 24 HR

This Infallible 24H Foundation is by L’Oréal Paris and claims for high coverage longwear foundation that hides the appearance of fatigue and blemishes. This foundation is induced with Hydrating Hyaluron Complex the 24H non-stop formula stays on and feels fresh from day to night.

This foundation claims to give the following:-

  • 24H just applied finish
  • 24H flawless Complexion
  • No imperfection
  • No shine
  • No transfer
  • No Mask-effect
  • Enriched with Hydrating Hyaluron + For 10Hs hydration and All day comfort
  • has SPF20 / PA +++
  • Made in China
  • Capacity: 30 ml
  • 12 months lifespan once open


My Verdict

The product description sounds convincing. So i decided to give this product a try for more than 4 weeks now and here is my verdict:-

  1. This product is claims to provide a total cover for 24 Hours. Seriously dude, its impossible to get 24 hours total cover in our humid weather. Although this foundation does provide a very good coverage but its not that HIGH coverage until you can hide all the dark spot and blemishes. You still need concealer to do the job.
  2. This foundation would takes a while to dry completely. The texture is quite thick and quite similar to True Match foundation. But no Gold… No Gold……..
  3. This 140 shade has more pink undertone as compared to G4 True Match foundation. Pink undertone foundation usually makes my complexion more darker because it giving me grey-ish looks which I hate. Once it oxidize and set, I will look like one or two shade darker (well at least its not 50 shades darker).
  4. Once it sets, it has matte finish. At first I kinda don’t like this foundation because it creasing on me especially at my lines from corner of mouth to chin. I do have some fine lines around here but it was never that prominent. However, with this foundation, it exaggerate my fine lines and I don’t like it. But that was initially tho. I presume my dry skin textures actually does contributed to this skin condition. So cant blame the foundation.
  5. I usually apply this foundation with my flat top kabuki foundation brush with circular and pat motion to gives an airbrush effect. This way, the application is much faster as I always in rush to get prepare in the morning and so far I did not see any brush lines that would contribute to uneven application. Great!
  6. This product claims to have transfer proof condition?. Means, once this foundation is set, it wont transfer to your collar top. This is a LIE. Just see it for yourself, I did swatches and once it dry, I just pat tissue paper on them both and did you see those transfer? No foundation that is transferable proof. Do face this for real.
  7. The price tag is quite at a high side for a drugstore makeup. Maybe that is the reason why I did not see this foundation anymore at Watson or Guardian. The only place that you may get this foundation now is at Hermo online and now the price tag even drop further to MYR49.90. But the shades might limited now.
Transfer proof experiment for both foundation range. Both is not transferable proof.
Transfer proof experiment for both foundation range. Both is not transferable proof.


I would give this foundation a 3/5. Two points lower because 1. This foundation is way too expensive for a drugstore makeup (when I first purchased it) and 2. It does transfer and not doing as it claims (Tipu).

To be honest, I still prefer my L’Oreal True Match in G4 Gold Beige as it gives me more flawless finish, the shade of G4 is way more compliment and matchy matchy to my skin tone and it has micro Gold particles in it’s formulation to give some luxurious shine on my skin… Duhhh… I feel way more expensive with True Match Range. What do you think about this L’Oreal Infallible foundation? Do share with me your thought in the comment section down below and until we meet again in my next post! XOXO

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