“A Lasting color clarity. Lip-cushioning gel comfort. 

Finally, a long-wear lipstick your lips can love”.

Mary Kay is not that Alien in market. Some of their skin care products are nominees and also won Beauty Award. When this lipsticks was first launched few months ago, it created big hype among beauty bloggers and beauty junkies. Because of its huge rave, I purchased them and intended to experience myself how great this lipstick would perform.

Image Source - Mary Kay
Image Source – Mary Kay

Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick

• Gel lipstick delivers lasting wear without drying lips.
• Highly pigmented shades deliver stay-true color.
• Formula cushions lips for soft, velvety comfort.
• Optical enhancers deliver a softfocus effect.

Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick is the first full-coverage lipstick by Mary Kay to utilize advanced gel microsphere technology for rich, stay-true color that lasts for hours – without leaving lips looking or feeling dry. With color this pure, you can saturate lips, delivering a gorgeous level of color clarity. And with beautiful shades to choose from, it’s a breeze to update your look to match your mood or fit your style. You’re going to fall in love with this lip color!

Fortunately, this lip color loves you back. The lightweight gel formula glides on smoothly and cushions lips, leaving them feeling soft and supple. Plus, it’s formulated to provide a soft-focus effect, with optical enhancers included to scatter light and blur the appearance of minor imperfections. And that’s not all. The clear-top window makes finding your favorite shade a snap, whether it’s in a cluttered handbag or makeup drawer.

Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick glides on like silk, wears like plush velvet and hugs your lips in cushiony comfort.

I totally love the "Always Apricot" and "Mauve Moment" Shade
I totally love the “Always Apricot” and “Mauve Moment” Shade

Exceptional Color and Glide – Pigments are milled for 24-hours for an ultrafine, smooth color. The base of this gel
lipstick is translucent, allowing for rich color saturation. Plus, the pigment surface is specially coated to transform it to a gel-like fluidity, providing exceptional glide.

Staying Power – Advanced “Cushion Matrix Technology” utilizes ultrafine silica microspheres to embed and retain color on the surface of the lip. Consumer testing confirmed the result is fade-resistant staying power without drying effects.

Soft-Focus Effect – Optical diffusers scatter light to create a smooth appearance and soft-focus effect on lips,
reducing the appearance of wrinkles. These same optical enhancers also help prevent feathering and bleeding.

Lip Conditioning – The delicate lip area is prone to moisture loss. That’s why Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick contains ingredients, such as sunflower oil and jojoba esters, to help condition lips.


There are in total of 8 shades for this range. I only purchased 4 shades and here are the swatches.

The swatches - the pigmentation is superb!
The swatches – the pigmentation is superb!
  1. Mauve Moment – is a light pink shade with more cooler tone.
  2. Always Apricot – is a nude peach tone with more warm hue. I love this one for my natural and everyday look.
  3. Midnight Red – a dark red – more like vampy red. I look too mature with this shade
  4. Crushed Berry – Beautiful berry red shades that is perfect to match with Little Black Dress for evening look.

My Verdict

  1. This lipstick formulation is so creamy and soft.  It glides smoothly upon application and very moisturising.
  2. This lipstick would dry semi-matte – not in total matte and it does not dry up my lips completely. Unlike some other matte lipstick.
  3. This lipstick does transfer and is not meant for long wearing. However, after eating the lipstick color does not vanish completely as the remaining still stay like a stain. Can be reapplied over and over again.
  4. The colour is highly pigmented! This lipstick can be an alternative for liquid lipstick.
  5. I noticed that reapply too many layers would caused the lips to chipped. So, it is not advisable to apply too thick.
  6. Retail at MYR55 each you may purchase this lipstick at few Mary Kay beauty Consultant. I am also a registered Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and if you are interested to purchase this lipstick, you may contact me through the Contact Form.

So far I am happy with the this lipstick performance and I am looking forward to try more of Mary Kay Products. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO


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