I don’t know why but I believe my skin is having hormonal change maybe due to my age transition from 20s’  to 30s’ series. I’ve been treating my blemishes and pimples for the past few months. Usually, after the treatment, there are some black spot and dots i.e. scars due to harsh product used to treat the pimples. Recently I was asked to try Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum and do a proper review about this product. This product apparently is very famous in Taiwan and has since has positive result. Actually, due to my recent skin condition, I am bit skeptical to try out any new product.

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum is created for Dark Spot Corrector, Restores Skin’s Luminosity and targets unwanted discolouration. To be honest, I was bit unsure as should I just focus on the dark spot area or just apply on entire face because this serum should be able to encounter my skin discolouration, right?

About Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum



List of ingredients - on the box
List of ingredients – on the box

Ideal for dark spots, age spots, acne spots and uneven skintone.

How to Use
Place a small pearl size of Anti-Spot Serum and gently smooth over face and neck, avoiding delicate eye areas. Apply AM and PM.

Capacity: 15 ML

Price: MYR130.00 via All Young website

My Verdict

I have been using this product for 3 weeks now since I received in last week of April 2017. I have been applying this product day (before makeup after toner) and night, before bed. I am excited to share with you guys my thought about this product:-

  1. For the sake of this product review, I put some of the regular skin care products that I’ve been using before on rest. This is to enable to see the REAL effect of this product.
  2. At first I thought this product was only meant to treat dark spot and discoloration only like other whitening serum in market. I do have some pigmentation under my eyes but most of the dark spots comes from blemishes scars. I also still suffered some redness and lumps from newly develop pimples.
  3. As this serum says “can improve overall skin textures and clarity”, I decided to apply to my entire face (except eye area) including those with affected area with blemishes.
  4. First thing I notice about this product is the scent. It reminds me lot like a Tea Tree Oil. 
  5. The serum consistency is a bit thick but it absorbs pretty fast into the skin.
The serum is a thick white creamy textures that absorbs pretty fast into skin
The serum is a thick white creamy textures that absorbs pretty fast into skin
  1. No irritation, No sting feelings and I apply it like a normal serum to the skin, in fact I also put it on my new develop blemishes which still uncook.
  2. To my disbelief after a week, I can see that the blemishes has reduced its redness and the skin textures slowly improves. I also noticed that few dark spots comes from the blemishes scars also has reduced its discoloration.
  3. This product I believe act both (i.e. 1) treat blemishes and 2) treat the discoloration spot  back to our skin color).
  4. However, after three weeks I noticed that the pigmentation under my eyes area is still exist. Maybe this product need more time until it can slowly treat and change the pigmentation to its actual skin tone. To my understanding, pigmentation skin can be very hard to be treated with normal serum. Serum would take longer time to act and need more consistent approach. Apparently, laser treatment would act much faster.
  5. I read through the ingredients and noticed it contained few types of acid and maybe that’s the reason this product is able to reduce the redness and pimples on skin.
  6. Furthermore, with its citric acid (as antioxcidant) and ascorbic acid (vit C) contain would treat the affected spot and bring the skin back its original tone.


The actual result after I've been using this serum for 3 weeks. As you can see few redness spot on my forehead has reduced and slowly recovered.
The actual result (No filter) after I’ve been using this serum for 3 weeks. As you can see few redness spot on my forehead has reduced and slowly recovered.

For more info about this product, do check at the following link:-




This product is available at All Young Website at MYR130.00. This product can be a bit at the high side. However, this product works for me and I would continue using this product and I really hope it can bring back my skin clarity like when I was in high school, finger cross. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

Me with the product
Me with the product

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