My “stash” or “trash” findings continues with next product that I found at Mr. DIY recently. Over the  year, I’ve been searching and trying to find the “RIGHT” Eyebrow pencil at the most affordable and  less expensive.

Since that my favorite Daiso eyebrow pencil was nowhere to be found in any of their branches, I knew that I need to find an alternative brand to substantiate my needs.

The journey begins here;

When comes to finding the RIGHT Brow Pencil, there are few criterias that I would consider on:-

  1. The colour intensity of the product. How pigmented the product is.
  2. The application – how easy this product glide on my skin and how it “match” with my eyebrow.
  3. The blending – how easy the product to blend and if I am able to build the colour intensity?
  4. The finishing – How it looks like after I apply it on?
  5. Is it affordable and easy to find?

To my dismay, I found not only cheap but slightly better than the Brow Pencil in Drugstore. My answer is “XUEYINZI” Brow Pencil.

XueYinZi Brow Pencil
XueYinZi Brow Pencil

I came across this product couple of weeks ago at Mr. DIY and I was thrilled to try this brow pencil out. Will this product beat my long time favorite Daiso Brow Pencil? OR is this product worthy to be stashed or trashed?

“XUEYINZI” Brow Pencil comes in two shades:-

01 – Light Brown

02 – Dark Brown

I bought shade 02 first without trying the product out at the store and only come to realized that this shade is dark brown. Irony is, I was never fond of dark brown shade.

Apparently this product is made in Hong Kong as from my understanding by viewing at the back side of it’s packaging. Unfortunately, I am not able to translate the ingredients for you and again, I can’t promise that this product is safe for you.

The back side of it's packaging.
The back side of it’s packaging. Can anyone translate for me?

Out of curiosity, I still try the product out and here are my verdict:-

  1. The colour intensity is awesome. I totally impressed with the pigmentation of it’s colour.
  2. I was totally amazed with its bullet quality. It doesn’t chipped, it’s easy to glide and I can shape my brow easily.
  3. The colour pay off does last long despite that this is not a waterproof product. It is build-able and I can achieve almost perfect brows look!
  4. The bullet is soft, feels velvety while applying and not harsh to the skin. This Brow Pencil also can be used as a pencil liner as an alternative option.
  5. You can remove this product easily with facial wash.
  6. For me this product is affordable and cheap – cost at RM9.90.
  7. However, if you do not careful enough in drawing your brows, you might apply too much and it can appear too harsh on your brows. Unless you don’t mind to look too “manly” with “bushy” brows with it.
  8. Overall I am impressed with this product.
I am wearing both and can you guess which side is Shade 01 and which side is shade 02?
I am wearing both and can you guess which side is Shade 01 and which side is shade 02?

So tell me, which shades suits me better? That’s all for now and I see you guys later in my next post.


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