When Tati Westbrook (Beauty Glamguru – Youtube) made a review on this foundation and blasted how great this foundation works, I was intrigued. I was waiting anxiously for this foundation to finally make a debut in Malaysia and totally rushed to YSL beauty counter in Pavilion to give this product a try.

To be honest, this was my first product purchase from this brand. Knowing how luxurious and expensive this brand is, I rather not to spend too much for a foundation. But, my journey in finding the RIGHT foundation need to fulfilled and there I was throwing money at YSL counter. This foundation is retail at MYR270. This is  the most expensive foundation I ever purchased in my life and seriously I am expecting this foundation to works as great as the price tag.

About the product

This is a 24H Long-wear Foundation that claims to provide Flawless Matte and Full Coverage and comes with SPF20 / PA +++. This foundations comes in 22 shades to cater for all skin tone and is divided into 3 types, Cool (pink undertone), Neutral and Warm (yellow undertone). I chosen the Warm side because I noticed that any Neutral Tone foundation would turn slightly pink and end up darker for my skin complexion.

YSL All Hours Foundation swatches
Initial swatches made prior to my purchase. It oxidize twice darker than its original shade.

My Verdict

From the initial swatches, I noticed that this foundation has thick consistency and would oxidize. Actually, most of foundation does. But I noticed this foundation formulation would oxidize twice darker than its original tone. Maybe this is  for me. I feel glad that prior to my purchase, I swatches few shades at the back on hand and waited whole day before I made my decision to purchase it. I’ve chosen BD35 Warm Caramel as I can see that the tone is not  too dark and not too fair for my skin complexion.

YSL All Hours Foundation in BD35 Warm Caramel
YSL All Hours Foundation in BD35 Warm Caramel

Been trying and wearing this foundation for about 3 weeks now I am managed to come out with my verdict about this product. This product has matte finishes and tends to be at a dry side. I have a dry to combination skin type and I noticed that this foundation can be a bit too drying for my skin. I can see that this foundation exaggerate my smiling line.  Coverage wise, this foundation provides medium instead of full coverage. The formula can be layered over and over but I noticed it does not really cover all my imperfections. I still can see my pigmentation and blemishes scaring beneath all layers that I have applied. Furthermore, It does not last up to 24 Hours as it claimed as I still can see this foundation breakdown on my forehead and nose area after 8 hours wearing it.

Having dry to combination skin, I decided to mix this foundation with a high hydration content primer to experiment if this foundation would act differently. I mix this foundation with First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. The mixture does not affects the way how the product works as it still gives matte plus slightly dewy finishes and medium coverage but I realised that my skin especially at my T zone area is more shining after few hours wearing this foundation. Because of this mixtures, the foundation would moves and end up having patchy coverage especially at my forehead at the end of the day.

YSL All Hours Foundation wear test
The result when I wear this foundation for more than 4 hours. This is a result after I mix the foundation with primer. As you can see the smiling line is prominent and does not provides full coverage to cover my pigmentation.


I believe this foundation does works but I think this foundation would works best for those with oily to combination skin. Furthermore this foundation does not provide high coverage to cover my imperfections and it also can’t last up to 24 hours as it claimed. This foundation is made to cater for those with lesser skin problem, less pigmentation and not prominent blemishes. Will I continue wearing this foundation? definitely because I spent so much for it but this foundation  does not fulfill my criteria to fit the World’s Best Foundation. This foundation might be Tati approved but its definitely Not Edazz Approve.

Will you give this product a try? Or have you purchase it? Do let me know in the comment section down below and share with me your outcome. Until we meet again in my next post. XOXO

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