Lifestyle: Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket)

Wanderstyler finally is doing first Lifestyle review. Everyone is into healthy lifestyle and why not to start with Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket). About Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) has sauna-like qualities, which stimulate better perspiration and help to lose inches in no time. Main Effects causes more perspiration and sweat Press and … Continue Reading

Review: Favorite Sanitary Pad

As a women, we need to take extra care of our body, especially during our monthly menstrual period. That is the time when our body are at the most vulnerable stage and require extra care, hygiene and protection. After all we only have ONE Vagina to take care of. There are plenty Sanitary Pad brand … Continue Reading